It’s Hallows Eve!

As the day fades away
And shadows grow long
The wind blows, trees sway
Singing a haunting song
Listen closely to hear
What they whisper in fear
” It’s Hallows Eve! It’s Hallows Eve! ”
Is their solemn cry
They know all too well
What it is to rise
Creatures from hell
Bring all sorts of suprise!
Ghosties and Goblins begin to scurry about
Reaking their havoc with a jump and a shout
A word to the wise is stay inside tonight
If you wander about you’ll be in for a fright!
Lock your doors and batten all the windows
Do not dare venture through the hollows!
The leaves rustle along the forrest floor
The owl hoots ” who who! ”
But he already knows
” It’s Hallows Eve! It’s Hallows Eve! ”

So tonight you’ve been warned
You know what’s at stake
Your soul may be harmed
Or lost for goodness sake
For the dark night is long
Eerie sounds fill the night
As you pray for the dawn
That the sky becomes light
” It’s Hallows Eve! It’s Hallows Eve! ”

C.D. Peterson