To Bomb Syria, Or Not Bomb Syria

That is the question. So, BO, the people of America want to know: What’s it going to be? We are seeing the true colors of this president and how indecisive he is, which is not what I want for our Republic. Then to be led by the nose from Putin only adds injury to insult. For the next three years, any and every nation has just been shown they can get away with murder and not suffer any consequences. Let us hope that Iran and North Korea were not paying attention. The clock is now ticking, the question is, which bomb will go off next.


Hope and Change through war

If Obama and this administration was looking to cause disruption in the liberal left as well the general public here at home as well as abroad, their mission is about to be accomplished. With the scene now set for war with Syria,  we are guaranteed a lose/lose situation. By siding with the rebels (our enemies) to oust Asaad from power, we have no assurance of peace in the region,  more of our best and brightest dead and wounded, more debt, not to mention those in Middle East hating us even more while already plotting revenge that will lead to a terrorist attack on our soil. Great foreign policy on our part (full sarcasm intended). The only end game strategy that I can make out is more chaos for a fundamental transformation for America as promised when first elected,  yet I think most did not realize  it would be through lies and war. Wake up America, it is time to impeach this impostor,  especially if he goes against the will of congress and the people of this once great nation.